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Postat: May 5, 2023

Digital träning 27 & 28 maj

Startdatum: May 20, 2023
Slutdatum: May 27, 2023
Starttid: 10:00
Sluttid: 12:00
Format: virtuell träff
Plats: Digitalt

Välkommen på digital träning i CONTEMPORARY med fokus på IMPROVISATION med Rebecca Douglas & Tasha Hess-Neustadt!


OBS! Ändrad dag & tid.


Lördag 27/5 kl. 10:00-12:00 / Aktiv tid på klass 10:15-11:45.

Söndag 28/5 kl 10:00-12:00 / Aktiv tid på klass 10:15-11:45.


Klassen är kostnadsfri för Danscentrum Norr medlemmar och sänds via Youtube; använd ditt medlems-inlogg för att komma åt länken.



CLASS / We will give a brief verbal introduction to the research we are conducting in residence at Moskosel, as well as some of the projects we have created together previously as a way of introducing ourselves and our interests that will shape the class. The sessions will then begin with a led section of movement practice that combines yoga with body care and strengthening exercises, which begins as a static class and moves into repeated movement pathways and sequences that take participants across the floor in gradually building phrases. The classes will continue with guided improvisation, the base of which stems from our interests and themes as creatives.


20 maj / As artists concerned with Screendance, the digital and camera work, the first class will work with the idea of ‘perspective’ and ‘framing’. We will lead a series of solo, partner, and group based improvisational scores and tasks that look at perspectives, two + three dimensionalities, gaze, voyeurism and other ways of seeing/being seen. We will question what it means to be observed by none, one or many. We will question what it is to observe, to obscure, to record and display what you might have seen. For participants that will watch this class as a livestream or on demand, this task will remain very similar, however we will also encourage them to consider their laptop/camera device that they are watching from as a partner – how does it feel to be observed/to observe a device? How do you move with this in mind?


27 maj / At Moskosel, our work will be dealing with regenerative world building and utopias, mostly using the body and the digital as vehicles of research. We will lead solo improvisational tasks that guide us into visualizing and imagining a personal utopia, and moving through sensations and images that interact with this imaginary world. Through a group improvised score, we will explore collective world building. We will cultivate an imaginary landscape as a group through movement actions and unspoken agreements, and exploring creation, destruction, and regeneration. The task will be adapted as a solo practice for those joining online. The sessions will end with a cool down, transitioning from danced movement memories to guided writing and archiving, and finally shared space and mingling time.






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