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Postat: February 1, 2024


Startdatum: February 27, 2024
Slutdatum: February 27, 2024
Starttid: 18:00
Sluttid: 21:00
Pris: Kostnadsfritt
Format: Fysisk träff
Plats: Dansmagasinet, Norra Strandgatan 1, 972 39, Luleå

• WORKSHOP med Anna Borràs •

Tisdag 27 februari 2024 kl 18:00-21:00
Dansmagasinet, Norra Strandgatan 1, 972 39, Luleå
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Dansträningen sker i samarbete med Luleå Balett- & Rytmik Kostnadsfritt för dig som är medlem.

Anna Borràs is a Spanish born artist with base in Malmö, Sweden. She is
graduated in contemporary dance at the Institut del Teatre from Barcelona in 2010. Anna has worked beside different choreographers and companies such as Ramón Oller, Shlomi Bitton, Alexander Ekman, Akram Khan, Bebeto Cidra, IT Dansa, Verve12 (UK), Retina Dance Company, Jasmin Vardimon, Nicolas Ricchini Company, Jorge Crecis SQx, Companhia de Dança do Norte (Portugal), Simba Dance Ensemble (Norway), Kernel Dance Theater (Barcelona), Skånes Dansteater (Sweden), among others.

Anna’s movement vocabulary draws from intone dynamics, accurate energies and different physicality. Anna believe that the body and mind has always time and space to adapt and develop to a more defined and strong identity. How Anna moves can be defined as explosive, accented, fluid and honest.
The class is developed in a rich, explosive and fluent fusion between principles of floor work, partner work-contact as well as the contemporary aspects of Anna’s own style.
The first part of the class is mainly focusing on spine actions and on an own weight to fully activate the body while adding different layers of mental and physical states.
The second part usually focuses on how to redefine directions and achieve in 3- dimensional mode while creating momentum, smoothness and efficiency in movements, and also breaking the flow with accents through a fixed sequence along with a good background music. – Attention to the environment and what is happening, to be able to respond immediately to any demand.
The third part focuses on the different relationships between bodies. The use of space and the listening between two and more bodies. How to approach and take, how to make good use of your own body with another. In this last part we will be working on some material of our last creation “Aryo”. Giving tools in how to be compact, how to use our breath, being detailed-accurate and getting in and out of the floor rapidly.
At the end of the workshop, participants will have gained tools to develop body awareness that will allow them to be reactive and agile with a minimal effort and with different qualities as they travel through space with all their exits open. Relating and making contact with more than one body in space but forming only one. Enhancing technique, coordination and performance quality

Foto: Joan Carles

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